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3D is hot and cool, everyone is talking about it, people are looking for ways to use 3D in their communications. On this site I will share some of the ways 3D imagery and motion graphics/video can be used to enhance print, web, and other communications.

Requires red/cyan glasses to see the 3D

Requires red/cyan glasses to see the 3D

The menu to the right will list some recent examples of actual projects we have done to help you in imagining how you can apply 3D to your needs.

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So to get started, below is an example of how you can deliver a 3D experience on the Internet with no special glasses or technology. It does however require the user to stop and try something new, and that can be a good thing. This technique is called crossviewing and it is explained below… Give it a try, then browse the site for more ideas.


Cross view this photo to see the 3D.
Step 1 – Cross your eyes until you see 4 images instead of 2.
Step 2 – Then relax your view so the images move together and you see only 3 images.
Step 3 – When you see 3 images stop changing your focus – see the center image is 3D.

Ugly Beauty 3D

A Classic Illusion now in 3D. Created for the Ugly/Beauty Challenge.

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